On the 28th of May 2016, the IFC together with the Church of Scotland held the first in its three part workshop series to identify a ethical finance shared values principles framework.


Held at the Dalmahoy Estate, the round table workshop bought together leading global theologians, scholars and practitioners and follows the joint venture announcement made earlier in the year (see FT / BBC coverage). The first workshop took a historical perspective to explore the events, people and ideas that have shaped faith discussions on ethical finance. Along with the key note from HH Emir Sanusi, presentations were made by , Rev. Richard Fraser, Sheikh Ruzwan, Prof. Robbie Mochrie and Dr Akram Laldin.

The content revolved around an enquiry on the following points:

  1. Theological perspectives on ethical finance and just economy.
  2. Philosophical underpinnings of ethical finance.
  3. The teleology of economy in Christianity and Islam.
  4. Mapping a history of the ethical finance movement in relation to the religious teachings that informed it.
  5. The socio-theological origins of Savings Banks movement in Scotland.
  6. Contextual factors to the rise of alternative financial models and the role of Christianity and Islam in facilitating such initiatives.

The next round table workshop is planned for later in the year in London. To find out more or to participate contact info@ukifc.com