The 11th UK IFC Scholar Professional Development Programme session was held on the Sat 5th September in London.

The session included a presentations on two themes:

1)Explaining the Lloyds Reinsurance Market

2) Contemporary approaches to Ijtihad in Islamic Finance Fatwas

Leading international shariah scholar Dr Akram Laldin, CEO of ISRA (Malaysia) and Mufti Zubair Miah of COBALT insurance presented on the respective areas.

The UKIFC Scholar Professional Development Programme is an initiative by the Islamic Finance Council UK (UKIFC) designed to empower shariah scholars with a broader understanding of conventional financial markets and contemporary trends in the Islamic finance arena through a CPD approach.

The programme runs internationally and is targeted exclusively for shariah scholars, students of shariah and those involved in the shariah compliance arena. It is a not-for-profit initiative and has limited spaces open on a first come basis. For more information on UKIFC activities please see: