The Unlocking Islamic Finance for COP28 – Insight Series is a collection of articles framing the journey to COP28 by examining the net zero commitments of Islamic financial institutions, the current state of climate policies in the GCC and related ESG practices and sukuk for nature and biodiversity conservation.

The Collection

Unlocking Islamic Finance For Climate

Insight Series: A collection of blogs and articles.

As a market surpassing $4 trillion, Islamic Finance has unique needs that conventional finance has failed to meet. As calls for sustainability rise in conventional finance, however, Islamic Finance has failed to keep pace.

Despite the natural alignment of ESG and Maqasid al Shariah, there have been clear divergences between Islamic Finance and ESG Frameworks, as evidenced by the Tesla vs Tobacco controversy. If there is ever a time for this divergence to be bridged, it is now.

With developed countries failing to follow through on their climate commitments and natural disasters on the rise, it has never been more important to engage with invested stakeholders at all levels, from client to asset manager to regulator. The increased focus on sustainability globally presents an opportunity for growth and collaboration for Islamic Finance.